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Nico Marzian

Strategist, Designer, & Moderator of Collaboration Beyond Borders
Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany
Industry 4.0 (the Industrial Internet of Things) is about interconnecting industrial processes via digital networks and platforms to enable and drive collaboration beyond functional, organisational, geographic and other kinds of borders and on common or related goals, enhanced by integrated value-added applications.
As such processes are still not and will not so soon be fully automated but rather heavily relying on manpower, there is no way that people in those areas with changed or new roles and a multitude of value contributions to make should not be wired likewise. This will be the essence of Work 4.0 and Society 4.0, too.
Without “People in the Middle” to bring all contributors together, assisting, inspiring and thereby empowering them in various ways of creating and exchanging value while working on the challenges of today and tomorrow, this would be difficult to achieve.
I am open for talks about potential approaches and how Blockchain technology might be an essential foundation for them.
Tuesday, March 26

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